The International Criminal Court As An Advocate For Peace

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The International Criminal Court as Both Mediator and Arbiter in Conflicts
Paul Daniel Thornton
Dr. Lealle Ruhl
POLI 1145 Peace and Conflict Studies
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

INTRODUCTION In the pursuit of positive peace for the global community, certain mechanisms are necessary in order to better protect human rights and resolve interstate conflicts. Prior to the events of World War II, a cogent set of laws defining those human rights, much less violations therein were never heard at an international scale. The International Criminal Court has the role as both appellate for justice and voice for peace in the international community but has not yet resolve the contradictory ends of both roles. That contradictory end is that many countries proclaim the necessity of the International Criminal Court as an advocate for conflict resolution and peace advocacy while being resist or outright antagonistic towards the court when their own state has committed those same crimes. To the ends of defending basic universal rights, the International Criminal Court (hereafter ICC) serves that capacity when state level systems cannot or will not act accordingly. Initially, this was seen following World War II with the Nuremberg trials in response to the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. However in more contemporary history, the ICC was formed to in response to the events in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. These tribunals were unprecedented, not only in their global…
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