The International Criminal Court Of The United States

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The International Criminal Court try to not to have history repeat itself The International Criminal Court also known as the (ICC) are a group of judges who investigates and prosecutes individuals that are guilty of crimes such as genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity and only intervenes when a state cannot intervene or is unwilling to intervene or is an international concern (Understanding the International Criminal Court). Many inhumane corruptions were committed in the past such as the Holocaust and many individual have gone unpunished for it. Due to this the United Nation General Assembly was determined to have a court were individuals who commit such cruel crimes will be held accountable and will be punished for it. An…show more content…
Though there are many countries that are apart of the ICC, a fair question is what sparked the need for such a powerful court? Because even though the ICC is doing their best not to repeat the mistake of have crimes go unpunished there are situation such as the United States refusing to join the organization and has immunity from being prosecuted that makes the court look unfair and re enforces the idea that that the powerful are untouchable. Another case would be that the ICC has been heavily criticized for being prone to prosecute cases only in Africa, which raises the question why do they prosecute countries that are not wealthy and ignore the corruption in wealthy countries. These small questions can make one consider if there really is a need for an international criminal court. However what one fails to understand is there is a need for an international court. In this paper I will be discussing exactly what was the cause of such a powerful court, why the United State has continuously refuse to join the ICC and had immunity before official leaving and finally why does it seem like the ICC is prosecuting countries that are not wealthy such as countries in Africa and ignore the corruption in wealthy countries. The establishment of the International Criminal Court in 2002 is one of the most known powerful organizations, having a member of one hundred and twenty three country but a
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