The International Cruise Industry : An Overview

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The growth of tourism has been expanding incredibly in the previous years, along these lines turning into an organization with the largest business (Miller,1990; Jenner and Smith, 1992). As indicated by the World Tourism Organization (2000) during the year of 1999, 592 million international tourism touched base from a rise of 4.5% from 1995. It is critical to understand and assess the advancement of such industries in order to assess the significance of development required have the capacity to assess factors that may prompt to the stages of rejuvenation and decline of the product lifecycle. Thus, in this essay the international cruise industry is the one of the biggest tourism industry over the past decade and has grown significantly. The industry will be examined in order to create an understanding of its growth over the past decade and the factors which trigger the product life cycle. The international cruise industry is a mature product and has grown rapidly from transporting merchandise at sea to offering travellers the alternative decision to book an excursion on an excellent budget. Cruising is known to be a global phenomenon with its niche market mostly being adults. 20% who of people who cruise are under 40 years old, 42% are between 40 and 59 and 31% are over 60 (Mancini, 2004). These figures indicate cruising is mostly attracted by old individuals since cruising offers relaxation filled with activities. Thus, the most prevalent motivation to why people choose to

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