The International Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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Shehe Yuan

Dear Editor of the NZ Herald,

Our country, New Zealand, is known worldwide as a beacon of human rights, from when it became the first country to grant women suffrage in 1893, but discrimination and prejudice runs rampant through its streets even today. Before you so vehemently deny this, damning accusation that it is, you must consider the discrimination against transgender citizens in this country. We can no longer simply tolerate trans citizens in New Zealand, but support them as you would your cisgender, or those who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth, brethren. Public and commercialised action needs to be taken to stop the casual prejudice against trans citizens in New Zealand before we can claim ourselves as a few and just country, because it is blatant oppression, harms questioning youth, and encourages the ignorance of Westernized ideals of conformity that we must transcend.

The International Declaration of Human Rights states that no individual should suffer from discrimination, and that everyone, regardless of the minority they belong to, is equal before the law. However, transgender people are seemingly not owed this right, and trans discrimination flows through our society. Consequently, the findings from the Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Discrimination Experienced by Transgender People in 2008 confirmed that trans people face significant discrimination on a daily basis. An example that has also highlighted many other
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