The International Institute For Healthcare Professionals

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To describe the main contrasts that I have identified from the moment that I got enrolled into college in this case The International Institute for Healthcare Professionals I would like to make it easy developing the main ideas in three directions that come to contrast what I thought about my peers students, my respectable professors and the instructions received in the courses, trying to get the most possible closer to reality so that they can contrast the best.
Regarding my fellow students, I want to begin stating that I expected to find a group of health professionals from other countries and with different levels of qualifications such as doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, people stressed by the challenge of having to study and work in this country, those responsibilities are not easy to carry out at any scenery, worried up by the high efforts that this beautiful nursing profession demand, and the high degree of dedication to studies to obtain good grades and the high degree of renunciation which involves studying at this stage of life where many of us have had to return to classroom several years after abandoned them as students owe to the facts that most of us have already become teachers in our respective territories. I considered also the fact that we would have some level of absenteeism due to work and family support, situations that we mostly face due to the fact that some of us migrated with their families which implies a dual responsibility also…
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