The International Olympic Committee ( Ioc )

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George Grigsby
Historical Foundation
March 12, 2016
Rio 2016 In September 7, 2007 the International Olympic committee (IOC) when over the application for the host city for the 2016 summer games. Amount those cities was Rio scoring a high of 6.3 on the rating. Rio is rich in activities, religion, culture but Rio face many problems, some of those problems are crime rate is high, pollution and poverty that excite in that area. Looking back on the history of Brazil will show that it is a country that is tropical but it was discovered by Portugal during the 16th century and mostly controlled by European nations and from the 16th century on there were exchange of rulers "The Portuguese military officers that were based in Brazil at this time sided with the constitutionalist movement in their homeland. General Jorge Avilez, who led the Portuguese military, forced Dom Pedro to dismiss and banish the ministers of Kingdom and Finance. These men had both been loyal to Dom Pedro and the prince was left feeling helpless and humiliated as he was manipulated by Avilez. From that moment, Pedro swore never to give in to military manipulation again. In September 1821, the provincial governments of Brazil were put in political subordination to Portugal, which left Pedro nothing more than the Governor of Rio de Janeiro, which was just a province. Pedro was also ordered to go back to Europe and any courts that his father had created in 1808 were done away with. The Brazilian inhabitants
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