The International Olympic Committee ( Ioc ) Essay

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been in and out of much scrutiny over its course of time. Much negative and positives arguments can be brought up to argue the good or bad the IOC has brought to the world. A positive quality that the IOC has brought to the world, perhaps unknown by many, is its hand in many global initiatives. These initiatives and programs focus on developing many aspects of society, ranging from women’s equality in sport to education through sport in underprivileged areas (CITE, #1). One such organization that the IOC supports is Magic Bus. Magic Bus is a nonprofit organization based out of the country of India, founded by Mathew Spacie, former COO for Cox & Kings (Goyal, 2013). The Magic Bus has been striving to bring education to the children of India daily since the year 1999 (CITE, AR 3). Focusing most closely on the underprivileged and extremely impoverished areas of India, the Magic Bus organization attempts to drive education by using the means of sport (CITE, AR 3). Through education and sport, the Magic Bus programs hopes to change the lives of Indian children and ultimately the future of India as a nation. India has the “third largest economy in the world in purchasing power parity” (Varadharajan et al., 2013, p.326). With the economy as large as it is the poverty level would have been thought to be much lower than what is, being recorded at 29.8% (350 million people) in 2009 (Varadharajan et al., 2013, p.327). With this
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