The International Organic Food Market

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Introduction A substantially growth of organic food industry globally has become one of the evidence proving that people emphasize more in eating well, sanely, healthfully and even ethically nowadays (Bittman, 2009).An estimation of US$ 47.2 billion is expected to grow in the international organic food market within 5 years from 2010 to 2015 (Transparency Market Research, 2014). Consumers are willing to pay more for organic, environmentally-friendly or natural products even during recession (Cummings, 2008). Demand for organic products are gradually increase every year, thereby this report is to analyze the market of China precisely in overall environmental aspects and outline some marketing implications the company will apply if it exports organic products into China. The company mentioned is Country Farms SdnBhd, a company based in Malaysia and is totally owned subsidiary of Berjaya Group Berhad (Country Farm Organics, 2014). It was founded in 1998. The aim of the company is to promote healthier living in fast-paced world nowadays in supplying high quality organic products at affordable price. Country Farms offer a wide range of 100% natural products, including foods, vegetables, Milk powder, Oil, beverages, fruit juice, personal care products etc. The prices of organic products are higher compare to conventional products in the market (Bezawada, R. & Pauwels, K, 2013). Hence, target markets of the organic product are mostly those households with middle to upper income.

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