The International Organization For Migration

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The migration crisis has reached a level where Europe must take a stand and must present a viable plan, expressing the future goals the European government believes will help solves this crisis. The International Organization for Migration said, between January and November 2015 more than 750,000 migrants are predicted to arrive in Europe from across the Mediterranean. As a union, Europe is showing the world that they are not a cohesive organization prepared to face the future with respects to the mass migration. The policy concerning migration at the European Union level states that each nation has the right to their own migration policies, while adhering to the European migration institutions, which are not fully established. So far, many of the migrants coming to Europe are settling in Italy and Greece; many hope to be able to reach Germany as their final destination. The important underlining problem is the fact that these migrants are arriving and staying in Italy and Greece. Both Italy and Greece are going through an economic crisis that cannot sustain the migrants that are landing within their borders; they are asking the European Union to give them relief, by imposing quotas to redistribute the migrants to other European nations that are a part of the migration policy. The migrant crisis also brings insecurity to nations such as Italy and Greece because of they are not prepared to deal with the amount of people entering in their borders. Not all European countries
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