The International Organization Structure Of Organized And White Collar Crimes Essay

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Majority of American citizens aren’t familiar with crimes that deal with funding for terrorism or the violation of human rights in America. These crimes have increased in terms of size of groups, offenders, and activities over the past ten years. Organized and white collar crime are two of the most underrated crimes in the world. Why is this important to me is the question that most citizens will ask? A lot of individual aren’t aware of legislations or regulations created that apply to organized and white-collar crimes. This paper will inform you on a brief overview of what organized and white- collar crime are, what crimes fall under in those category, charges against offenders, and previous cases in history that dealt with organized and white-collar crimes. Also, this paper will look into the international organization structure of organized and white-collar crime. Over the course of this paper there will be a compare and contrast between legislation or regulation of both organized and white-collar crimes.
According to The Federal Bureau of Investigation (2016), organized crime is any group having some manner of a formalized structure and whose primary objective is to obtain money through illegal activities. These types of groups are national and international they have set up shop throughout the inner working of everyday citizen’s lifestyle. They are business owner, computer technician, bankers, etc. Those individual who partake in these types of activities
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