The International Relations Theory That Best

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The international relations theory that best explains Operation Provide Comfort would be the constructivist theory. However, Turkey’s involvement in the operation may also be explained through subaltern realism. The fact that the nations that comprised the coalition, save for Turkey, conducting Operation Provide Comfort went through the official channel of the UN shows that the intention was to act within the norms of the international community for conducting humanitarian interventions. Had the US decided to act unilaterally, without permission from the other states involved or the UN, it strongly indicate that the US self-interests superseded those of the global community. Furthermore, the coalition of western powers respected Turkey’s sovereignty by keeping the refugees at the border and providing aid in refugee camps there. Respecting a nations sovereignty, or giving reasonable cause for violating it, is an essential portion of constructivism as it indicates that states respect the artificially implemented restraints on themselves that they have set up. Beyond the evidence that strongly suggests that OPC was conducted in the sphere of constructivism, there is little evidence that would support any other international relations theory. In a constructivists perspective, the mission devolved from an international system based operation to a more “realists” military intervention when it became Operation Norther Watch (to compliment Operation Southern Watch.) This idea is…
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