The International School Of English

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This report will provide an organizational analysis of the International School of English (ISE) as my past work profession. The framework used is from Burrell and Morgan (1979), as they identified that people see the universe from four clear paradigmatic perspectives, radical humanist, and radical structuralist, functionalist and interpretative.

From my paradigm questionnaire, it highlights that the researcher is a radical humanist. The report will be conducted through the lenses of a radical humanist while analyzing the organization. The topic when analyzing the organization will be about the culture of the firm. The idea and theories of culture yet it is difficult to define it abstractly (Edgar H. Schein, 2010). Consequently, in the literature review there will be several definitions regarding culture to help understand what it really meant by organizational culture and the importance of culture to any organization. There will be two culture models that will be conducted throughout the report, ‘Iron Cage’ to show the bureaucracy control within the organization and Charles Handy four types of culture for some recommendations to improve the organizations culture and to identify from the paradigm perspective the type of culture adapted to. The analysis of the firm will be shown from a radical humanist perspective as mentioned above, ending with a conclusion for the International School of English (ISE) at the end of this report.

My Paradigm (Radical humanist)

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