The International Study Of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle And The Environment ( Isole ) Design And Methods

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There are three research papers on which this work will be predicated upon. They are;
1. Paper 1: Recognition and management of overweight and obese children: A questionnaire survey of general practitioners and parents in England (Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health).
2. Paper 2: Features of the built environment related to the Physical activity friendliness and Children’s Obesity and other risk factors (Public Health Nursing).
3. Paper 3: The International Study of Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and the Environment (ISOLE) design and methods.
Using primary research method, Paper 1 investigated the prevalence of overweight/obesity in children as childhood obesity is causing alarming concern in England and other developed countries.
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Fourteen images of children were presented 7 boys and 7 girls using body image scale (CBIS), comparison were made through the GPs and parents.
The methodology employed matched the study design and generated the outcome of the research, although the findings are limited. It is a primary research article as it described the methods, aim, results/findings. The methods are qualitative and quantitative, showing numbers of children prevalence from the table and within the text, the writing is logical and not subjective as it referred to references.
The strength of this study is the survey outcome of the children’s participation and judgement through Body Image Scale. However, the study was not detailed appropriately as more study could have been conducted for the causation and prevention. A further research would be appropriate for this study using a Randomised Control Trial to randomly allocate the participants to compare outcome of each group. The weaknesses of the study was limited in different ways, the responses rate were 33% overall, this is relatively low comparing to paper 2 and 3 research which is very detailed. Further, the article did not correlate with friendliness activities and social environment, it was more about suggestion between the GPs and parents among whom should help in managing childhood obesity.
Paper 2 focused on the relationship among physical activity friendliness of neighbourhood and the
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