Essay on The International System and a Nuclear World

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Since the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the international world has become increasingly concerned with the development and potential use of destructive nuclear weapons. The Cold War-era saw these concerns at their height, as the US and the Soviet Union vied for superiority in the international system. The fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s seemed to mark an end to the most concerning chapter in the history of nuclear proliferation. However, nuclear weapons have once again come to the forefront of international concern specifically regarding regions like Iran, Pakistan, India, and China. The article “Living with a Nuclear Iran” by Robert D. Kaplan and “America’s Nuclear Meltdown towards “Global Zero”” by…show more content…
The author of this article writes, “The greatest influence over when India will begin nuclear force reductions remains its assessment of the security threats emanating from its nuclear armed regional competitors,” (Lee 143). Here the belief is that decreasing the arms of existing nuclear nations will decrease the likelihood that other nations will feel threatened into constructing their own nuclear arsenals. The articles “Living with a Nuclear Iran” and “America’s Meltdown towards “Global Zero”” also concur that humans today are living in an already nuclear world. Robert Kaplan writes, “Eurasia—from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Japan—is today an almost unbroken belt of overlapping ballistic-missile ranges: those of Israel, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, India, China, and North Korea,” (139) and emphasizes that fact that large, expansive portions of the world already contain some number of nuclear weapons and have the ability to produce more of them. Lavina Lee’s article cites China’s “White Paper on National Defense” which states that “…all nuclear-weapon states should make an unequivocal commitment to the thorough destruction of nuclear weapons,” (Lee 142). This statement again reinforces the idea that many nations throughout the world
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