The International Union Of Geological Sciences

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Have we altered this planet for good? This question has stirred up a recent debate among environmental scientists and geologists regarding what our current time period should be called. The International Union of Geological Sciences claims that we are currently living in the Holocene epoch, which initiated following the Earth’s last ice age. According to some scientists, that statement is obsolete. These other experts claim that Earth is a human dominated planet and that our actions rival global geophysical processes. They have coined the term “Anthropocene” and have declared that our planet has entered an entirely new epoch. The Anthropocene is regarded as the present time in which our everyday actions have impacted the planet in potentially irreversible manners in terms of environment and climate. Evidence shows that humans have induced exponential changes in biochemicals that have polluted the oceans killing off several animal and plants species while altering the composition of the atmosphere. The Anthropocene is a major idea that helps define the austerity our present-day dilemma. Consequently, for several, the concept arrived as an announcement that slammed home the actuality that we have certainly interfered with the geosystems and that we must engage in quick action to ease the overall effects. On the geologic time-scale, we have been inhabiting this planet for an extremely recent time. Yet, humans already seem to be a great driving force regarding Earth’s climatic…
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