The International Women 's Media Foundation

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Due to the interest participants had in participating in sports, they found a way of coping with stereotypes. An example is given by Adams and Pamela (2003) who have postulated that cheerleading gives an opportunity for participants to reconstruct femininity in a way not to challenge the dominant ideas of the roles and expectations. This they did, by adjusting themselves to suit the evolving ideas of what it means to be a woman in the societal or cultural context. Also, there has been an improvement over time with the level of acceptance of gay athletes. For example, unlike in 2002, gay athletes in 2010 had better experiences because youth in their society accepted of their forms of masculinity (Anderson 2011; Adams and Pamela 2003).
The International Women’s Media Foundation, seeks to empower women journalist the world over. This is to ensure the media is truly free and representative by ensuring women have equal voice as men. And also to resist and overcome the threats of oppression (International Women’s Media Foundation, IWMF 2013). The media has had a dated history of being associated feminism and its struggles within the society (Zoonen 1994:148). To Kidd (1996), sports media text play a significant role in the production, reproduction, and transforming discourses on gender relations. This has led to an integration of the mass media with the production and the distribution of sporting commodities For instance, newspapers devoting an entire…

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