The Internationalisation Process Of Nigerian Firms Essay

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Contribution to Knowledge
The internationalisation process of Nigerian firms took different path. The manufacturing had invested in a close distance country where market opportunities are identified and other had initial expansion abroad was to follow their Nigerian customers that were present in the neighbouring country.
1. Theoretical Contributions
The findings indicate the internationalisation process of Nigerian firms deviate from the main stream theoretical claim such as Uppsala model. It can be said that Nigerian firms internationalise to close proximity country not close psychic distance in their early stage of their internationalisation as they follow their clients to render services across border. Proximity not due to Psychic Distance as alleged in Uppsala Model but to the presence of home countries customers presence in the host countries. Home institution factors had also play a role in the rapid growth of the firms due to the recapitalisation requirements by the Government and this allow the firms to bring in capital and to utilise that capital wisely and embark in foreign expansion. (OLI) The recapitalisation and stock listing gave the firms more resources and capacities to be in a better position to compete better in a foreign market this is in line with Ownership capabilities of OLI theory,

2. Literature Contribution: This study contribute to knowledge to fill the gap in literature as bringing understanding in to on-going debate on (EM)
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