The Internet A New News

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The Internet a New News
A fact is something that is said to be indisputably true. Facts are key in portraying any storyline or narrative. If facts are important in conveying relevant information the media should be concerned with reporting only facts that provide an accurate description of events. Unfortunately, certain media outlets have issues with reporting solely facts. The media can be an amazing tool for dispersing information amongst the masses and can ensure that everyone is educated on relevant and important topics. The media can also be used as propaganda to further an agenda that may not be in everyone’s best interest. Regardless of what media is used for it is a very powerful outlet and whoever controls the media outlets can control the publics’ perception of a given situation.
In today’s society 50% of the world population is thought to use the internet (Internet). That is an astounding 3,675,824,813 people (Internet). Considering this overwhelming total it can be said that most of the media in today’s society revolves around the internet. TV news stations and newspapers are viewed by far less individuals on a global scale than the internet. For the purpose of being able to zone in on the main source of media in the world today only media involving the internet will be discussed.
“Moreover, societies seem to benefit from open, free, and pluralistic media systems as they support the production of social capital” (Gerber…). Social capital is referred to as,
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