The Internet And Its Effect On Our Lives

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Summary and Analysis
My first image shows that in today’s generation the internet is becoming a huge factor in their day to day lives. The internet allows this generation to communicate with each other through text messages, or social media like Facebook, and twitter. The internet provides us with all of the answers to our day to day questions; it also provides us with endless amounts of entertainment such as games, music, and movies, etc. The internet also makes living our day to day lives easier by providing us with the ability to run our businesses online and change stocks. However, excessive activity and addictive activity are two very different things. Healthy excessive activities add to life, whereas addictions take away from it. Problematic internet use also known as internet addiction disorder is and individuals’ inability to control their urges, or behaviors regarding internet use that lead to distress or impairment. As time went on and the amount of internet use increased, (IAD) has attracted the attention of many researchers. “Some worry that the Internet, with its visual stimulation and constant distractions, is altering the way we think -- and not for the better. Some studies indicate that it may alter physical mechanics of the brain that lead to long-term memory formation,” (Clark) And China and South Korea have declared "Internet addiction" a primary public health concern. Nicholas Carr and Betsy Sparrow are two of the main people who speak on this subject.
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