The Internet And Its Effect On Society

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The Internet is a debatably the most important invention that mankind has ever accomplished. Having access to everyone at any given time is something of a dream back in the past and now that it is here there is no stopping the effects it has on society. Social media, GPS, email the list goes on and on what the Internet can do, it would be a shorter list to just tell what the Internet cannot do. Having this being said businesses have felt the effects of the ever growing technology of the World Wide Web in both positive and negative ways. Some embrace the fact that they can reach their target audience with a few clicks of the mouse while others see the business that they have been running for many years crumble due to the fact that they are…show more content…
“Stretching beyond the geographical limits of their immediate surroundings, these businesses are able to increase revenue through technology-enabled commerce, which helps their small companies to better survive in the long term” (Cohen). It is less expensive and easier for these small businesses to stand out among the big players having the same access to the same amount of potential customers. Now every company is on an equal footing and it does not matter the kind of company it is as long as they hit their target demographic at the right time. Having a way into the homes of people whenever a business needs can prove helpful because now they do not have to wait for television commercials or billboard advertisements to get the name out. Now for the first time in the history of mankind everyone can be reached at the same time, anytime of the day. The Internet contributed $141 billion dollars to the US economy in 2011, with the Internet helping to drive nearly all part-time businesses, with 90% of all those surveyed using the Internet to conduct at least some of their business, and over half saying that they couldn’t conduct their business at all without the Internet” (Christenson). Small businesses can use many techniques to get the name out and while they can do this without the help of the Internet they would be at
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