The Internet And Its Effect On Society

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The introduction of the Internet to society resulted in the opportunity for people to produce, consume and share creative content. This culture of online production and consumption is bound to copyright and fair use laws. While these laws have the capacity to protect an individual’s ownership of intellectual property and creative content, they are not conducive to a vibrant culture of creativity. The Internet and its evolution of search engine engagement has cultivated an online community that can only thrive when copyright and fair use laws are not as restrictive as they are in their current state. (Samuelson 1994). Collins (2014) states that copyright fosters a permission culture that is censorial, monopolistic and detrimental to free creative expression. The “Creative Commons” license is a positive alternative to current copyright laws. The positive outcomes of the practice of Creative Commons when compared with the outcomes of copyright laws highlights the restrictive nature of copyright in it’s current state. By looking at the past and present digital landscape, the surge in the creation of online content and using examples of copyright infringement cases, this essay will explore the ways in which copyright laws limit and stifle creativity.

As with any culture or community, common practices arise that are considered acceptable behavior. The internet has formed an online community where users can easily produce and consume creative content. This content encompasses all
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