The Internet And Its Effect On Society

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The internet is a cyberspace of knowledge compacted to fit in to the palm of our hands. It has the power to connect us to people across the ocean, deliver food to our homes and even help us meet the love of our lives. However, this type of power comes with a great responsibility of its own. Nowadays, the internet has become a way to target those who are gullible or those who have limited knowledge of it. The internet now has had an especially big impact when it comes to children and sexual predators and other unlawful acts such as drug and arms trafficking. It is hard to believe that it has only been about twenty years since the internet has become globally accepted. However, this new generation has become entirely dependent on the web. Because of this, it has become a debatable on whether or not this un-limitless source of knowledge should be monitored by the government. But, when it comes to government vs the people, the answer is far from simple, but still clear. The use of the internet is the social responsibility of each and every person using it, but to eliminate unlawful acts related to the internet altogether, the combined efforts of parents, communities and law enforcement is essential. As a society, we will discuss how the internet has played a part in addiction, influencing children, criminal activities and responsibility as a whole.
Many of us, despite knowing the internet for a few parts of our lives, have decided it is just as important as the air we breathe.
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