The Internet And Its Impact On Society

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The Internet plays a huge role in today’s society. Everything in today’s world revolves around the Internet. Individuals use it to pay bills, access social media, email, etc. Most individuals do not know that they would not be able to access any of these privileges if they did not exist. A web server is a client/server process. It uses a specific software to fulfill a client’s web page request by finding, selecting, and forming the web page to be transmitted to the client’s device. This would be from the time that a client makes a request until they receive the information. This paper will discuss the following subtopics: the past, present, and future of web servers, including other competing technologies; what constitutes a web server;…show more content…
(“History of the Web”) The website described the basic features of the web; how to access other people 's documents and how to set up your own server…Lee created the first website on his earlier invention the NeXT computer. (“The Birth of the Web”)

The original NeXT machine that created the first web server can still be found at Cern. Cern has also re-created the first website that Lee had invented on the NeXT machine. Today, web servers are an important piece of technology to have in an organization. Speed, time, cost and security are the most important attributes involved with a web server. Currently, the leading web servers include Apache, which is the most widely-installed web server, Microsoft 's Internet Information Server (IIS) and NGNIX. (Lingan) However, new developments in the technology field are constantly evolving. These developments will deal with a new technology called cloud hosting. The future of web servers is unclear. However, the new trend under discussion is the technology of cloud hosting and infrastructure. With this, the cloud infrastructure will become the default web server environment. This means that there will be a move towards open source platform services, a greater focus on small businesses, developers, and individuals, developers will be the center of future IT departments, and growth will outpace the traditional market. (Uretsky)
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