The Internet And Modern Media

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In the interconnected state of today, teenagers are exposed to both the prizes and perils of the real-world. Specifically the internet and modern media promotes messages that may or may not support the use of drugs. This corresponds with the concept of role models, as those who are respected by teenagers are privy to a greater level of exposure into their life. Therefore, their “adult habits,” such as drinking can lead teenagers to act accordingly due to the manner in which they deify their role models. Conversely, if a role model(s) is adamant in abstaining from drug use, their ideologies will trickle down to their teenage followers. Further on the topic of the internet and communication, teenage drug use is greatly affected by the…show more content…
Overall, a teenager’s use of drug comes down to the timing and quantity of protective factors they are exposed to, and, most importantly, these protective factors should outweigh risk factors. From a personal level to the community level drug use can severely mar the state of the former and the latter. Drug use increases ones probability of death and/or can lead to diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and HIV/AIDS, as stated by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). Moreover, drug user are at greater risk of taking part in accidents, whether it be auto accidents or those which led to injury within one 's home, and can cause violent mood changes. From a mental and emotional perspective, drug users are more likely to become aggressive and/or they can become depressed (if indulging in depressants), the latter of which can cause one to harm himself or herself and may even lead to suicide. The reason behind poor judgement from those on drugs comes about from the fact that said use inhibits clear thinking, and makes it difficult to remember and pay attention to things. Additionally, drug use will scar one’s enjoyment. Whether it be the highs of the drug or its lows, one will become insensitive to the parts of their lives that previously brought them joy
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