The Internet And The Importance Of Internet In Business

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Introduction: World is developing day by day in every sector. From a small business to big organization every sector uses Internet. Internet plays a big role in providing benefits to a business. Everyone is using internet to explore their business or to grow their business as internet is entrepreneur for small thing to be in stars. A thing can become star in a sec. or can become down in a sec. it can be humans too.

Role of internet: Internet had a significant on the workplace. workplace communication is very important to companies because it allows companies to be productive and operate effectively.
Employees can experience an increase in morale , productivity and commitment if they are able to communicate up and down the communication chain in an organisation.

Internet is important because it creates a fast , realiable form of communication that is free and Easily accessible ….it is not characterized by the inconveniences that are generally associated with traditional communication media ,such as telephone or postal mail.

THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERNET: ‘Internet” almost everyone is familiar with this word. Email is very Popular around the globe for both personal and corporate communication.
Email is like sending a letter, the only difference is instead of using pen and paper, you use keyboard to type a message on computer.
THE USE OF INTERNET: Client-based internet is often used by business users and involves the email being download from a server to an application (such
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