The Internet And The Way We Live

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The Internet and the Way We Live That the internet has revolutionized the way humans carry out their daily routines is an understatement. People of the 21st century are better interconnected than those of any other time in the history of man. This has especially been facilitated by the social media sites, texting, instant messaging, and checking headlines regarding different stories on the web (Carr, 2010; GreenBlatt, 2010). Undoubtedly, the internet has become central to every aspect of human life. The internet is in shopping avenues, at work places, areas of socialization, and even in the entertainment arena. This has significantly transformed how people take on life and the perspectives they previously held regarding issues in their daily lives (Carr, 2008). This research paper will discuss the way in which the internet has and will continue to change the way people think. To begin with, it is essential to correct the longstanding fallacious notion of equating the web to the internet. The web is an extremely great tool for retrieval, as well as dissemination of information. While this fact cannot be trivialized in the general discussion of the internet, it is important to understand that the internet is more than just the web (Brockman, 2011). The internet is a global network of computers that facilitates many things, one of which is the web. Accordingly, its applications exceed the usual communication between people. Cumulatively, these applications are the ones
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