The Internet : Benefits Of Children Using The Internet

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Benefits of Children Using the Internet Children have been introduced to the Internet at a strikingly young age. Popular videos on social media show children interacting with the Internet on a daily basis. The Internet is a great resource for children to communicate, be creative, learn and have fun. However, parents have concerns about children having unlimited access to the Internet. These concerns include: a decrease in family communication, a lack of family relationships, child-obesity and online threats. Although these concerns about children becoming familiarized with the Internet at a young age have developed, the Internet has prosperous outcomes on children and their academic growth and communication. A child’s academic…show more content…
Many resources are used to prepare a child for the pressures of exceeding in their academic career. The most successful resource is the Internet. Jackson et al.,’s study about children using the Internet as a resource also indicated, “Children who used the internet more had higher GPAs after 1 year and higher scores on standardized tests … after 6 months than did children who used it less” (429). So, children need to use the Internet more in order to earn higher GPAs and standardized test scores. A child’s GPA and standardized tests scores are used in the future to get into college and receive scholarships in order to make college more affordable. Therefore, children need to start accessing the Internet as soon as possible to start broadening their knowledge and using the resources available to them. This method of allowing children to use the Internet starts at home. Using the Internet at home is positively related to child age and grade level (Johnson 496). In order for a child to have positive outcomes in academics, the child needs to be introduced to the Internet at a young age while their brain is still developing at a rapid pace. Parental concerns revolve around the idea of children using the Internet. Parents are concerned about a decrease in family communication and a lack of family relationships due to the Internet. Family communication is important for a child as they grow up. Children
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