The Internet Celebrity Anita Sarkeesian

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In this piece, moderately famous feminist internet celebrity Anita Sarkeesian gives her opinion on choice feminism and the effects it has on the lives of the women of today. In this video, she states that she does not subscribe to the concept of “choice-feminism” – the notion that women can individually choose for themselves and consider it an inherently feminist act. Simply, anything can be considered feminism by anyone. The grounds on which Sarkeesian refutes this concept encompasses many factors, the two largest being her own background and views and the views of other feminists within her community. She believes in sum that all feminists should work together as one cohesive group to cease the oppression of all women in all places. While she does touch briefly on campaigning for other identities – LGBTQA+, people of colour, and other miscellaneous token minority identities – her main focus is the conglomerate of women. Sarkeesian’s focus on feminism as a mob-like system of overcoming female oppression is a closed minded and dangerous viewpoint in the fight for intersectional freedom. The overarching theme of the video in question is the persistence of Sarkeesian that there is one right way to be a feminist, and therefore, choice-feminism is not a valid question. While she alludes to the existence of intersectionality, she refuses to accept or touch on the fact that intersectionality can be the cause of choice-feminism. There is such a large variety of oppression that

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