The Internet Has Changed The World Of Economic Advancement

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“Advances in computer technology have changed the way America works, learns, and communicates. The internet has become an integral part of America’s economic, political, and social life,” (Bill Clinton ). {2}In fact, the internet has affected nearly every aspect of our lives in ways that we will never fully realize. Obtaining an education has never been easier. {5}Through social medial , we are able to connect not just with our friends, but with the world.{4 }Flourishing greatly, online commercialism is a window to a world of economic advancement. {5 }With the internet at our disposal, the possibilities are endless. However, the internet can be like a sharp tool, which is harmful if not used with care. {3}Conversely, is a tool seen as a villain because it has the potential to be misused? It is the yielder, not the object, who should exercise responsibility. {5}Although many perceive it to be only a source of inappropriate material, the internet has drastically impacted modern society by improving the means of commerce, communication, and cognitive enhancement. {3}Inarguably, one of the largest areas in society that the internet has significantly advanced is the means of industrial exchange and marketing. {5}When shopping used to require departing from one’s house and driving to the nearest store, now it can be done with only the click of a button. {6} This conserves gas, time, and energy. Like the invention of the catalogue store, which allowed people to order…
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