The Internet Is An Amazing Place

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The internet is an amazing place. You can discover so many things there. People have become famous before because of the internet. Great singers, dancers, and crazy stunts put on the internet led to them being discovered. Some fame has lasted. Some didn’t last very long at all. Some people became famous for something embarrassing. This is Ace’s story of how he became famous for fifteen minutes. Ace is anxious about tomorrow. It was the day Ace was going to propose to his girlfriend of two years. He had everything planned. From the moment they woke up to the end of the night was planned strategically. Ace was super nervous. He double checked everything. Ace couldn’t wait. He loved Cassidy so much he would do anything for her. It’s the…show more content…
What Cassidy didn’t know was that Kade, Ace’s best friend was right behind them to record the proposal. Ace led Cassidy to the exact place that they met, right by the jumping spiders. He grabbed Cassidy’s hands and got down on his knee. Cassidy looked shocked and nervous. “Cassidy, I know we met in a unique way, but I’m just glad that I met you. I feel like this was fate playing a hand in our lives. That day we met, Kade forced me to go in this haunted house against my will. I will forever be grateful to him for that. If he hadn’t had forced me, I don’t know where we would be today. Everyday we have gotten closer and closer and I feel like we should take the next step of our lives. So Cassidy will you take this chance and spend the rest of our lives together?” Ace waited for a response. He hoped Cassidy like the ring he got her. Cassidy just stared at Ace for the longest time. “Ace, I’m so sorry.” Cassidy was in tears. “Why are you apologizing?” Ace had never been so confused. “Why are you crying?” “Ace, I just feel like we are the complete opposite of that. I feel like we have grown farther and farther away. You say you love me but I just don’t love you any more. I was going to tell you today but I didn’t realize you were going to propose. I’m sorry, Ace. I hope you have a nice life and I really do hope you find someone worth that ring.” With that, Cassidy walked away. No one could believe it. “Ace, man, I’m so sorry. I can
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