The Internet Is An Commodity For College Students

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The internet is an commodity for college students, a useful source of information for many, though few people who use the internet know that google, bing, etc. only search a minor sliver of the internet for information. The rest of the internet that most people do not know about is referred to as the deep web, This Time article elaborates: “Technically the Deep Web refers to the collection of all the websites and databases that search engines like Google don 't or can 't index, which in terms of the sheer volume of information is many times larger than the Web as we know it.” (Grossman, Lev, et al."The Deep Web." Time 182.20 (2013): 26.) Most search engines can only see what is referred to as the Surface web as is explained on’s…show more content…
The benefits of remaining anonymous online are evident if you are any sort of a hacker or if you are interested in any illegal activities. The deep web can only be accessed with a certain browser, in the article "Inside The Dark Web” Max Eddy describes this browser and how it works: “Most people take the Internet at face value, but what most of us interact with is really just a slice of the information available called the Surface Web. To get to the Dark Web we have to go deeper, away from the world of standard Web addresses and onto the anonymity network called Tor. When you click on a link in Google, you’re connected with the target information fairly directly. Someone accessing the same site while connected through Tor would have their request bounced randomly through volunteer computers called nodes before exiting Tor and arriving at the site, making their online movements much harder to track.” (Eddy, Max) If your computer is ever being hacked or monitored while on the Tor browser you can use the “get a new identity” function and your windows will be closed and the computer 's IP address will be scrambled through different nodes, at the same time shaking any hackers and a new window will be opened. Anonymity is necessary for many reasons online but especially for certain hacktivist groups. There are vigilante activist groups that hack certain targets whether it be the government or other companies usually to expose corruption
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