The Internet Is Extremely Important In People’S Everyday

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The internet is extremely important in people’s everyday lives, so much that majority of the world’s economy and its governments rely heavily on the web. Communication, information, work, education and health care are all at the top when it comes to being heavenly dependent on the internet. The birth of the Web opened up many opportunities, most of which have been positive. But with every light, there is a shadow. The Darknet, Darkweb, and the Deepweb. What do these names stand for? What is their capabilities? And what kind people run, explore and seek the services hidden in the shadow of the internet? The Darknet is an overlay network for the Deepweb which can only be accessed with specific configurations, software and authorization.…show more content…
Within those sites, start clicking on the links that will lead you to different news articles. Once finished, you will go back to the original blog posting. Once you are finished exploring and clicking links, just sit and pause for a moment, you now have behaved just like a search engine’s crawling technology searches and identify websites. Because search engines have to rely on the links found on pages to search and identify new content. This method is a popular way to find content that is most popular among people on the surface web. But the technique misses much content when it comes to navigating links. The simplest definition that is cut, dry and straight to the point. Is that the surface web is anything that a typical search engine can find. While the Deep web is anything that the engines cannot find. The Deep web exist in sites that require search bars to navigate, but remember search engines rely on links to navigate and explore. Thus making Google search impossible to find information in these site with search bars. Majority of the content that exist in the Deep web is not as terrifying as the media makes them out to be. But the deeper you dig, the scarier the darkness becomes. Now picture the internet as a giant iceberg, a giant block piece spike of ice that sunk the Titanic. It looks pretty big on the outside right? But if you were to dive under the water surface
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