The Internet Of Information Technology

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Part A:
Big data is a term to explain large complex data set, and big data is challenging the traditional data handling method. The big data itself is useless, but after processed and analyzed the big data would generate valuable information. This article would discuss relevant technologies and areas in the big data age.
1. IoT:
1.1. Introduction to IoT Figure 1. In IoT things are able to connect with each other through internet.

The internet of Things (IOT) is an important part of new generation of information technology and known as an important stage of development “information” age. (Ashton, 2009). As the name suggest, IOT means the materials, objects, animals or people which are connected to the internet without human-computer
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there would be 26 billion devises/thing would join the IoT, and by the year of 2020 and in the future and become a milestone of IoT.
1.2. RFID and RFID system Figure 2 RFID tag is widely used in manufacturing and logistic industry

RFID is a type of automate identification and data capture technology (AIDC), which use wireless frequency to get the related data from object, and recognize it. (Ashton, 2009). It is not necessary to make a physical contact between objects in IoT to load data (it allows hundreds of meter to load data), and the data can be transferred correctly and fast. (Gershenfeld, Raffi, & Danny, 2004). RFID tag can be used at many fields, such as logistic and manufacturing industry to locate and monitor the materials or product.
In IoT, the RFID system composed of electric tag, reader, and internet, and the RFID system use electronic tag to identify specific object, and RFID tag would exchange data through wireless frequency. (Bonsor & Wesley, 2014). The reader transmit the host computer command to RFID tag, and convey the RFID tag’s information back to the host computer. (Bonsor & Wesley, 2014).
The RFID system can be divided in to three types based on its frequency, which are low frequency system (30KHz-300KHz), high frequency RFID system (3MHz-30MHz), and microwave system. (Rouse, 2014). The microwave system is the majorly used in the IoT, which has a frequency greater than 300MHz and can be used to operate multiple RFID
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