The Internet Of Our Lives

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The Internet in Our Lives Nancy Cruz Norman Munroe EGN 1033 31 October, 2014 Table of Contents Abstract………….3 Introduction ……..4 Body……………...4-7 Conclusion……….7 References……….8 Abstract The “internet” is a broad topic, but if analyzation of its impact is examined at a scope worldwide, then one shall get a better understanding of its positive prospects and its more scary and dangerous ones. China will be studied specifically, as the impact it has had and is predicted t have on its economy is underrated. Also a problem that the chinese government faces is their fear of loss of culture with the introduction of new pop culture from the internet. While China is seen to be passing regulations for the fear of losing their culture, other developing countries, such as Mexico, are struggling with the content that is being placed, and the safety of human beings in general that is being jeopardized by the world wide web. Overall, a general idea of the internet in our lives will be studied at birdseye view, instead of zooming in to its effects in the western hemisphere where it is quite known that the younger population is abusive when it comes to the use of the web. Picture this: a happy couple is married for a few years and decides to have a kid, there is an idea growing around that time, but it is not ubiquitous and the couple thinks nothing of it, years later they become grandparents and that same idea that they dismissed is now
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