The Internet Of Things Can Be Developed And Refined

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The Internet of Things seeks to connect everyday devices and sensors in order to monitor and influence their environment. In the coming years everything from your refrigerator to your car will be networked together to collect data and simplify your life. However, in order for this future to come to fruition, the underlying infrastructure must be developed and refined. This infrastructure needs to be able to support the high volume of data that will be generated as well as the lossy channels over which that data will be communicated.The Internet of Things is still a new and upcoming technology and as such much of the state of the art still concerns itself with the development of the underlying protocols and architectures. One of the…show more content…
It can be used to connect 6LoWPAN networks directly to other networks and the Internet through an IP router. The 6LoWPAN protocol is designed for low power radio transmitter that have to operate over lossy channels. 6LoWPAN implements header compression to reduce the overhead needed to send an individual data packet. It is able to accomplish this by removing redundant header fields and using a compressed version of the routing address. To accommodate for the limited packet sizes, fragmentation and reassembly is required to transmit large packets. [2]The unique constraints of IoT networks also require a specialized network routing protocol. Currently the leading candidate is the RPL protocol. Typically, all sensor nodes in an IoT network are connected the root node via a multi-hop path. The root node often serves as the data/network coordinator as well as a gateway to the Internet. For each root node a Destination Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph is used to optimize the path from any node back to the root node. This Graph is created by calculating shortest path to the root node that adheres to specific set of constraints. Some of these constraints might include: minimizing the number of hops, only using encrypted links, avoiding battery operated devices, etc. Once, the graph is created data can be forwarded along the graph to the root node [4].The CoAP protocol operates at the application layer and is similar to HTTP, but with
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