The Internet Of Things For Healthcare

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The Internet of Things for Healthcare Background: Around 150 years ago, it was invented that electricity can be transferred from one place to another thus making the connectivity between two devices. Based on the concept, scientists were thinking, the concept might be useful for connecting two devices, communicating each other. The result was the remarkable invention of Telegraph by Samuel Moore and later Telephone by renowned and famous scientist Alexander Graham Bell. Since then communication starts connecting the devices with no looking behind making the world related to all aspects and matters in hardware and software level. Internet of Things was there since the invention of the telephone. Days goes along with lots of evolution on…show more content…
Machin-to-Machine, Machine to Person and Person to person) - Connectivity from anywhere (i.e. Indoor, outdoor, while moving or rest, wired & wireless) - Connectivity on anytime (i.e. day, night, 24×7, or any scheduled timing) The IoT is a combination of wide variety of sensors, interfaces & connectivity and people with several processes. The IoT is a broad range of meshed interactions between sensors, connectivity with people and processes thus developing the smart, real-time and user-oriented applications and services. Characteristics of IoT: There are several particular aspects of the Internet of Things Implicit Intelligence The connected devices would have the inherent knowledge to maintain the interoperability, autonomous behavior, and self-organizing capability in a different context, situations, complexity, application and overall environment. Sensing The prime aspects of IoT are the sensing capability together with control and transmit. IoT uses the sensors that relay the reflection of the physical world into logical data of the system, procedure, and people. However, it translates the pure analog input from the real world but deliver a rich insight of our complex system. Scalable & Flexible The most significant features of IoT are its scalability and flexibility, mean to be the openness to future technology, ideas and extensions thus encompassing the upsize or downsize the
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