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The Internet of Things
Indentification #

Every single day, data is transmitted across thousands of smartphones and computers around the globe. You use your phone to text your sister, to call an Ũber, to order takeout, and to set timers. Meanwhile, it is still mostly necessary for humans to complete most daily tasks manually. The average person will cook his own dinner, inform doctors himself about his routines, and check what is wrong whenever his oven is not working. However, what if devices could simply do these things for you?
The term “the Internet of things ” refers to devices, or “things”, which collect and transmit data using the Internet (Morgan). These types of devices have become increasingly popular as technology
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Many modern ovens already have technological advances, but the smart device would individualize each task. In refrigerators, temperatures could be increased or decreased depending on the type of food within the refrigerator. The household members could get notifications when their food was beginning to go bad, or even be alerted as to how much longer food would last. These actions would consistently save food from being wasted. In fact, it is estimated that having a connected kitchen could save the food and beverage industry up to 15% yearly (Marr).
Perhaps most controversial is the effect that the IOT has on culture. Many stereotypes already exist, caractacuring millenials as mindless zombies, addicted to their phones. The impact of this doubles when the Internet is not only accessed through cell phones, but also through everyday things. The Internet of Things has the potential to impact our entire society as distracting devices. Already, wrist-worn technology such as FitBits and Apple Watches have become extremely popular. The global market for wearable devices grew 223% in 2015.
It is also debatable whether IOT will have an impact upon human intelligence. With a high day-to-day memory capacity being deemed unessential due to devices remembering things for humans, it might be argued that humans’ memory capacity and general intelligence will diminish. Overall, if humans become dependent upon the Internet of
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