The Internet Of Things ( Iot )

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Abstract—The Internet of Things (IoT) is a next generation technology aiming to improve daily life by operating intelligent sensors, actuators and smart objects together. Massive deployment of sensors is taking place covering enormous applications such as healthcare, smart cities, smart grids, home automation, car safety…etc. The use of IoT shed light to the urgent need for applying the aspects of trust and security.
On the other hand as IoT devices are considered resource constrained devices related to power, memory, bandwidth and processing, many of IoT applications rely on multicast to preserve IoT node resources. This multicast traffic need to be secured specially for critical scenarios involving actuator control. Securing multicast traffic by itself is cumbersome as it requires an efficient and scalable Group Key Distribution (GKD) protocol. In case of IoT the situation is more difficult because of many factors such as different applications involved in IoT scenarios, heterogeneous nature of sensors and actuator and the different used access technologies.
In this paper, a solution based on using context aware servers accompanied with a cloud of GKD servers is used to efficiently distribute group encryption keys to secure multicast sessions regardless of the nature of the sensors used or applications deployed.

I. Introduction
The Internet of Things refers to billions of interconnected smart objects equipped with sensors or actuators, a microprocessor, a…
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