The Internet Past Present and Future Essay

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The Internet Past Present and Future Introduction This report describes the history of the Internet. The report shows how the Internet was started and outlines the progress the Internet has made over the years. The World Just Got Smaller The Internet is not as new as you may think; today’s “information super highway” began as a bunch of converging footpaths in the 1960s. Many people credit the ARPAnet (the first computer network designed by the Advances Research Projects Agency) as the starting point of the Internet we all have come to know and love today, however this is not entirely true. It would be more accurate to say that the Internet grew from a number of indigenous technologies, which first started as ARPAnet, and…show more content…
TCP/IP The term TCP/IP stands for a pretty simple principal. It is a set of regulations that allow different computer networks on the Internet to communicate with each other. Instead of relying on a single unbroken electronic signal to exchange data between two computers (which could be taken out by a bomb), the data is sent in many little packets over a vast network of computers. If one computer, or route becomes obscured (with too much traffic, etc.) or destroyed, the packets are free to take any other route. A list of the packages and the order they go in is also sent along. If one package of information doesn’t make it, it will notify the computer who is sending the packages, and it will resend the missing information. This also enables the information to take the fastest route possible. For example, with today’s internet, if you live in London, and are accessing a web page based in Toronto, the packages will be sent from one computer to another, which will determine the fastest route to London, and pass it on, the information may pass through Australia or Timbuktu if this happens to be the fastest way from Toronto to London. Today this happens in a fraction of a second. TCP/IP was originally design by the United States Department of Defence of computers using the UNIX operating system. Today all computers connected to the Internet use this system for communicating, regardless of

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