The Internet Testing ( Uit )

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Unproctored internet testing (UIT) is a test administration medium that involves the administration of pre-employment tests online, without a proctor, outside of a traditional testing environment (Tippins et al., 2006). Applicants are free to complete the test at their own convenience anywhere they have internet access. UIT most commonly involves the use of biodata, situational judgment items, and/or personality items to screen out applicants who are unlikely to be hired (Gibby, Ispas, McCloy, Biga, 2009; Hense, Golden, & Burnett, 2009; Tippins et al., 2006). Although controversial, the use of UIT for administering cognitive ability tests is gaining in popularity (Connell, Arthur, & Doverspike, 2015), and has been successfully implemented by some companies (Connell et al., 2015; Gibby et al., 2009). There are many benefits of UIT, both to organizations and applicants, cited throughout the literature: the ability to cast a wider net for talent, a more diverse applicant pool, reduced screening time, reduced cost (Gibby et al., 2009; Tippins, 2009; Tippins et al., 2006), and easier enforcement of time limits (Reynolds, Wasko, Sinar, Raymark, & Jones, 2009). Candidate benefits of UIT include around-the-clock access to assessments, faster responses about the status of applications, standardized delivery, and consideration of their application independent of source (e.g. without the organization being made aware of the applicant 's race or gender; Gibby et al., 2009; Tippins et…
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