The Internet: The Golden Age Of Piracy

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The internet is like an ocean brimmed with information (figuratively and literally if you count all the gigantic cables buried on the sea bed). Like any good ocean, it’s vast, large, and expansive; far from what our eyes can see. It’s a place of wonder and amazement, a place that triggers one’s urge to explore, to discover, and ultimately to conquer (if you’re Comcast). The Golden Age of Piracy is easily relatable for netizens, the romanticism found in traversing the never ending sea, unencumbered from governments, laws and principles, while harboring all sort of individuals with diverse interest, value and taste. The internet is the last place with true freedom in a world that is becoming progressively more restricted. Net neutrality is the…show more content…
Besides the proposed restriction on less visited websites, Comcast could annihilate any potential competitor by simply limiting access speed to their website and or service. Take Netflix for example, Comcast would love a piece of such profitable content distribution, and they could legally take it just by throttle streaming speed to a dreadful haul all the while shoving their god awful Xfinity On Demand crap down everyone throats like we’re ducks to be made into foie gras (another issue for another day…). Sometime back in 2008, Comcast attempted to restrict the use of Bit Torrent, a peer to peer client that users can utilize to distribute any contents from one network to another, including copyrighted materials. Now whether torrent is a haven for thieves and pirates is not the point, but the point is that Comcast attempted this then the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) stepped in and bitch slapped Comcast into submission, only for Comcast to tattletale to the federal court and won the appeal against the FCC. Those were dark…show more content…
All should be well and good right? Well not exactly, time and time again, large internet providers will never take this bending down as proven in 2008 by Comcast and again in 2011 by Verizon. No doubt they will try to challenge FCC’s authority and sweep all this under the rug and doing what they do best, screwing their customers. So yes, we might have won the battle, but the war has just begun (dun dun
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