The Internet : The Significance Of The Internet

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The History
Internet is the network of interconnected devices communicating with each other. Communication via internet happens in the form of data packets. Message is divided into small packets of data which traverses through the network to reach the destination. Source is where the message originates, destination is the target, medium of travel is termed as the channel and the message itself is termed as content. Internet was started in 1960s by US defense in the form of ARPANET project. It grew exponentially over a span of 40 years and is ever growing. It was built on the foundation that connected nodes should be able to communicate with each other freely. Initially, medium of internet was telephone lines. Communication data was modulated and transmitted over telephone lines. It was After the introduction of broadband based internet services, data transmission speed and quality increased drastically. Advancement in technology gave power to internet service provides ISPs and government to inspect the data being transmitted. This gave rise to the argumentation of net neutrality.

The Meaning
Net neutrality is the principle of treating the data across internet equally. Net neutrality states that there should be no discrimination of internet data based on source, destination or content. It vehemently supports the idea to prevent government or internet service providers from restricting, prioritizing, delaying or overcharging selective data packets. It is the principle that

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