The Internet : The Use Of The Internet

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Anti-social, drop in grades, eye damage these are some of the topics that are brought up in conversation when talking about the use of the internet and how long teenagers are using it. But do they mention the pros of using the internet? In my opinion, I think teenagers should the internet more often. Teenagers use the internet for help in school, they gain computer skills and learn what is happening out in the world through the use of social media.
A key aspect of how the internet use of the internet should not be limited is the knowledge.The internet is growing and becoming more advanced every day that we as humans cannot keep up. By teens using the internet, we would gain knowledge about the internet, for example, finding out what source is credible and also, becoming more aware of websites that could possibly be harmful to our computers. All these factors could be helpful in the future. For example, in an online article "10 great things teen learn "playing" online" by Christy Matte, it states that "Viruses, limited computer space browser crashes are all realities of time spent online. Learning to prevent and/or cope with this issue is fundamental in becoming a savvy computer user. As kids explore on the computer, they are picking up valuable information about this practice." ( source 2). Teens could learn a lot from just simply using the internet. Websites that could teach teens about harmful websites and viruses; it could also teach us more about the computer its self.

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