The Internet: a Clear and Present Danger

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Does Internet Really Need Regulations?

The article "The Internet: A Clear and Present Danger?" written by Cathleen Cleaver is a clear claim of the necessity of government regulation to control what is being shown on the Internet. To support her claim, Cleaver gives the pornographic web sites as an example. She argues that the regulations used to control the selling of pornography applied to porn stores, magazines, and television should also be applied to the Internet. The reason for such necessity is that it is impossible to control who is actually accessing such web sites. Following this reason, Cleaver's main claim in the article is that children can access pornographic web sites on the Internet. This claim is clearly stated by
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It helps give her claim a significant importance in the article.
Even though Cleaver claims all these harmful things on the Internet, she doesn't forget to point out that the Internet itself is a very good thing. By doing that, Cleaver gives an effective balance to her claim because she shows both good and bad things on the Internet. In the very first paragraph she says that "No one can doubt that the Internet is a technological revolution of enormous proportion, with outstanding possibilities for human advancement" (Cleaver 459). By stating that, Cleaver increases the credibility on her claim once she makes clear the point that she is not an "Internet-hater" and that she realizes the importance of computers in the new society. Even better, in the last paragraph Cleaver makes a meaningful analysis about the Internet: "It can be a valuable resource only when placed at the service of humanity and when it promotes our integral development for the benefit of all" (463). Cleaver supports her claim in a very easy and understandable way. She makes good arguments and she explains the reasons for her claim by using several techniques such as examples, descriptions, and facts. She gives the readers a good reason to support the idea that a government regulation on Internet is very necessary. Since that was her
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