Essay on The Internet and A Global Media Market

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To what extent has the internet created a global media market? Use relevant examples to illustrate your points.

Media business has gone global under the capital globalization. Most of large media institutions in different countries have moved their steps into the global media market. The emergence of internet accelerates the creation of a global media market. In this essay, the expansion of the internet use in contemporary society and the digitalization of traditional mass media will be briefly introduced in the first and second sections. The third section will examine how the internet helps to produce and access media information globally. Next, the advantage of the internet will be discussed to compare with traditional media. The
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The internet has created a global media market for both media institutions and media audiences.

The internet gathers multi-media technology in a single platform. The digitalization of newspaper is an inevitable trend. Most of the world’s mainstream newspapers have built their on-line websites. More and more people get used of reading newspaper on-line. Many books, especially academic textbooks and scholarly journals are published in the internet, which benefits to scholars and students to do research.. Meanwhile, people can watch television, films and listen to radio in their computers. The internet can digitize a various forms of information like text, sound, images, etc. It combines different modes of media together and provides them in a much wider space (1990, cited in Slevin, 2000, p62-63). Borgman (2003, p.ix) claims that the information in the internet is ‘malleable, mutable and mobile.’ He contends that the networks provides ‘unprecedented access to information resources and to human expertise.’ (Borgman, 2003, p2)

The access of media information becomes global through the use of the internet. For media institutions and journalists, the internet helps them to gain information resources more easily and quickly. Time and space are no longer the limitation of international information. International news can be published to the public at substantially the same time in different places. For media audiences, they
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