The Internet and How Society Consumes Media

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Currently our society is in the midst of a media shift. Although there is still a need for traditional media, online media is finding its place in consumers needs. It’s important for professionals in the journalism industry to take note and understand the direction this change is taking.
Gaskins and Jerit (2012) contributed their research on this topic and introduce it by sharing, “these findings have important implications for researchers and industry executives who seek to understand the changing nature of the media environment and its effects on the mass public” (p. 191).
The purpose of this paper is to be a starting point to the understanding of this changing nature. By answering the following questions, we are able to see the
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233). In order to keep credibility with sites consumers, the journalists must place a high importance on their work and the accuracy of their stories.
There was a study conducted with journalism graduate students that were studying in the Netherlands. The study covered ethical dilemmas with Internet media. One finding derived from the study was, “the online journalists are confronted with dilemmas that force them to choose between giving up their traditional norms and values and keeping them in a new environment, opting for (gradual) adoption instead of (radical) change” (Deuze & Yeshua, 2001, p. 289). Some of the dilemmas the online journalist ran into during this study was, the challenge to create accurate material, verifying hyperlinks were correct and solidifying sources in their stories. Most of the issues mentioned could have been resolved if journalist took their time, checked their material and practiced more of their traditional media ethic habits.

How will media outlets distinguish the difference between what the public “needs” to know and what it “wants” the to know?
In traditional media, there are gatekeepers who manage what will be produced. In regards to journalistic norms, researcher Enli says, “News production involves “framing”; stories are framed to match the journalists’ perception of newsworthiness, and how news should be presented”(2007, p. 49). With Internet media, it’s just as important to shape stories in a manner that deliver
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