Essay on The Internet and Intellectual Property Laws

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The Internet and Intellectual Property Laws

With the emergence and growth of the internet, intellectual property laws are much harder to enforce and many people are saying that they are outdated and obsolete. Intellectual property allows you to own your ideas, thoughts, and creativity as you would own a piece of tangible property. The human mind is a creative tool that comes up with ideas, designs, schemes, and inspirations of all kinds. Intellectual property views these ideas as being property. The ideas must also have commercial value and be a tradable commodity otherwise there would be no point to protect it. Intellectual property is basically the ownership of ideas. If one were to write a novel, for which the idea was conceived
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For almost every company there is usually a symbol, name or word that distinguishes them from their competitors and other companies. If you were to start a company of your own and came up with your unique symbol, you would not want another company to use it. In order for you to keep your symbol your own you would need a trademark to protect it. A trademark would make sure that only you are allowed to use that symbol relative to whatever your product is. A trademark’s rights cover “only the use of the mark in commerce as connected to the product, not the mark itself or the product the mark represents”2. That means that there are no rights on the product that your symbol is representing; only for the symbol you use for the product, and only for that product. It is basically a marketing tool that allows customers to recognize the product. An example would be the company Nike; their checkmark logo is a very recognizable mark and when we see it we relate it to their shoes or clothes.

What is used to protect intellectual property such as books and movies is a copyright. A copyright excludes others from reproducing, displaying, performing, or distributing ideas expressed in a fixed medium such as text, film, video or sound recording, computer disk, or 3-dimensional form. Even if some other type of fixed medium is similar to another one; it is still an infringement of many copyright laws. If you were to create something new, without copyright protection it would
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