The Internet and Its Impacts on the Youth’s Lives

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The Internet and its impacts on the youth’s lives The Internet has emerged as the greatest breakthrough in information technology. Its borderless connection among people and organizations all over the world makes it unarguably indispensable in the modern world. The youth are the most remarkable beneficiaries of the Internet because they were born in the technology-based world and have continuously learned to adapt their everyday lives to it; however, they are strongly influenced by the online environment as their lives are getting more and more dependent on the Internet. Although the Internet is regarded as an essential and efficient medium of communication and socialization, excessive Internet use adversely affects young adults’ social…show more content…
Some studies showed that such a concern is not unfounded” (Shim 1-2). In the past, people used to think of the Internet as an alternative way to communicate with one another when they did not have a chance to meet up, but nowadays young adults often prefer talking to their friends and acquaintances online. According to CyberAtlas (2002), “56% of youths aged 18-19 polled preferred online communication to phone conversations” (qtd. in Shim 2). Many of the young today spend more time on their social networking websites and instant message applications than talking to their loved ones in real life. This fact creates a growing concern about family relationships under the influence of Internet excessive usage because “empirical evidence shows that the quality of communication between children and parents significantly affects family relationships” (Shim 2). Another aspect that young internet users should concern about is anti-social behaviors and feelings, which is resulted from the excessive amount of time they spend on the Internet. Study has showed that compulsive Internet usage may reduce social participation and the psychosocial well-being of
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