The Internet and Social Media

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Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. OH MY! Since the development of the Internet, technology has vastly changed the way we live and communicate. This technological revolution we have gone through has brought about many new things into our daily lives. The birth of social media has completely changed technology, and they way we use it. We can now communicate with each other from anywhere around the world. We can update people on our current location. We can have a conversation over text. We can inform people exactly what we are doing at any given time. Social media has boomed in our society, and is only getting more and more popular. With sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google +, people can communicate and update the world with whatever they see fit. Millions of people use social media every single say, with many of them using it multiple times a day. Teens in today’s world have been attracted the most towards social media, and use it more often than any other age group. The temptation to always be on social media is very prevalent in many teens’ lives. It distracts teens from the more important things life has to offer like a good education, or a job. This technological epidemic may seem like a fantastic thing to some people, but I view it differently. Kids today are heavily abusing social media, and using it to harm or hurt people. I personally believe that social media is an increasing negative effect on teens in our world today because of the depression
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