The Internet's Harm on Children

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The Internet's Harm on Children The Internet has affected our lives in a considerable way. We use the internet in order to connect with society, look up information for work and educational purposes, shop, handle daily errands such as paying bills and so on. Children are not excluded from this, in fact they are capable of using internet more effectively than adults. The reason for this being that chıldren are able to learn to use new technology faster than theır adult counterparts. It is wıdely accepted that having internet connection can be very useful for children, teachers and children consider internet as a powerful tool to access to academic sources to research for theır classes and homework (Ofcome, 2007). Also having the internet…show more content…
According to the theory, aggression is a learned behavior as well and Bobo Doll experiment is a strong evidence for this claim. In the experiment there were two groups of children. One group observed an adult being aggressive towards the Bobo Doll and another group watched an adult play with the doll appropriately. After that children got parted from the adult model and were tried to disappointed by saying they were not permitted to play with the toys in the room. The children who observed aggression do not only act more violent toward Bobo Doll but also they used same behaviors and words that they had seen from adult model. While other children play Bobo Doll properly. As seen from the experiment children are influenced from what they have observed and they are very fast to implement their observations into their life. When applied in video games this theory foresees that children can learn and also imitate the aggressive behaviors by exposing the violence in the games. The other negative affect of online video games is desensitization. While the initial response of children to violation is fear and anxiety, with repeated exposure to media violence children start to perceive violence as a normal behavior and their reaction to violence reduces. Children also influenced by positive context such as cartoon-like characters, exciting music, sound and visual affects which are always used in video games. Seeing their favorite character

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